The frantic, frenetic Holidays provide a perfect excuse for job seekers who want to take a break from their search. But a litigant who is proving a diligent job search can’t afford to do so. In fact,  the holidays are a very good time to continue job search activity, especially networking. Why?

  1. ​Less competition at this time of year because other job seekers are taking a break.
  2. Many companies must fill a job before end of year or lose the budget for that position, so they are actively seeking and interviewing candidates. According to CNNMoney “69% of recruiters surveyed said they place as many or more candidates” in December than any mother month.
  3. More people are working through the holiday season. They are more available to connect with and are making decisions about staff they need for the next quarter.
  4. Networking opportunities increase as family gatherings, neighborhood and company parties, events with professional organizations and social networking opportunities fill your calendar. Important connections and referrals can come from any of these sources.
  5. Holiday cards are a good way for job seekers to stay in touch with potential employers or people of influence, especially if a hiring decision or an important introduction is pending.
  6. The quieter moments during the holiday week are an ideal time for job seekers to really dig in to connect with contacts on LinkedIn and do research on targeted websites. This prepares the job seeker for a strong kick-off at the start of the New Year.

If the litigant wants to demonstrate discipline, diligence and commitment to finding a new job, at this time of year there is no excuse for taking a “holiday.”

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