​​​​Lawyers often ask a vocational expert to evaluate a job search either in litigation or to advise their clients who seek employment. The typical story is that the client or plaintiff submits a resume online to a recruiter or employer, and then waits. And waits, but gets no response of any kind – even if the job was filled. Most internet applications receive no response, never mind an interview. Less than 15% of this “spray and pray” approach leads to an actual hire. It’s no wonder that the discouraged job seeker believes that this system is hopeless. This article (How to A​void the Job-Search Black Hole) shares ways to improve the odds for online applications.


Given those poor odds, applying to Internet job postings cannot be the litigant’s dominant job search strategy.  Judges and juries recognize that this is not enough to demonstrate a diligent job search. Time and resources are better spent building connections through social media and face-to-face meetings and learning how to use those connections. Networking is recognized as the most effective tool for a successful, diligent job search especially compared to hours spent in online applications. This is often a learned skill.  If your client doesn’t know how to use networking and other successful strategies in a job search, Wexler Consulting’s career coaching partners can help.


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