Wexler Vocational & Career Consulting, the go-to employability expert witness consulting group, assesses employment capabilities/earning capacity, the labor market and the job search. Did you know that we also provide career/job search coaching to help people get back to work?
During our assessments, we meet with many people who are unemployed or who must plan to reenter paid employment. Even in times of low unemployment numbers, job seekers may find it hard to land the job that matches their capabilities or earning capacity.  Some may need to consider other types of employment, rework or update their job search strategy or learn the right skills for an effective job search (e.g. the right networking and following a results-driven job search plan).  Even a top executive may be going in circles and unable to move forward. These people can benefit from a professional career/job search coach.
Naturally, The Employability Expert gets coaching requests from attorneys and colleagues when they see a need in their own clients or someone they know. We can meet these requests through our professional, coaching partners. We vet these coaches, their styles and experience to understand the best fit.  Coaches help clients gain clarity and confidence, learn skills and proven strategies for effective action plans, follow-through and negotiating the job offer. This goes well beyond a day filled with emails and scouring online job postings. These coaches work with motivated clients at different ages and stages – from young adults up to senior and C-level executives in many different industries. 
We look forward to providing these connections to those who want to learn how to move forward to succeed in their search and in their work.