When to Consider The Employability Expert’s Service

Consider an Employability Expert’s Evaluation When a Party:

  • Has been absent from the workforce for a significant time period (raising family, caregiver to another family member, long term unemployment)
  • Is engaged in work that does not produce income (ongoing or recent development) or is recently unemployed or under-employed
  • Claims that he/she has been unsuccessful finding employment with similar/reasonable earning capacity in current job market
  • Seeks a modification in maintenance post-divorce
  • Has skills and education that do not readily translate into a viable occupation or career by which income can be imputed
  • Is recovering from or claiming a chronic illness or injury
  • Requests training or education to enter a different career with better earning capacity
  • Receives an economist’s evaluation of education, degree or professional license that may not reflect accurate earning capacity in current labor market
  • Receives or will undergo a vocational evaluation by an expert retained by the adversary
  • Is employed in a family or sole proprietor business and there are questions about how his/her skills and experience translate into employment and imputed earnings in the job market

Many states provide for a professional vocational evaluation when parties request maintenance and contribution to child support. The court may also order such an assessment. If requested by a party, it is likely that a Court will require the party seeking spousal maintenance to cooperate with such an assessment.

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