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Real World Experience for Added Credibility as a Vocational Expert

Rona Wexler provides expert witness services on earning capacity and employability. She offers litigation support to labor & employment and family law attorneys. Working with national firms, Ms. Wexler also has a strong focus in New York, Connecticut New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. She has been qualified and testified in U.S. District, New York and Florida courts and the NLRB.

As an employability expert, she has made numerous presentations about employment, the job search, career transitions and advancement to various professional organizations and in CLE’s with the New York, Westchester County (NY), the Fairfield County (CT) Bar Associations and the New York County Lawyers Association. Ms. Wexler’s articles and content have been published in the New York Law Journal and the New York State Bar Association Family Law Review and in Valuing Marital Assets, a national guide, from Aspen Publishers (Wolters Kluwer).

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Why do attorneys and clients turn to Rona Wexler?

Ms. Wexler’s unique expertise allows her to quickly grasp the key issues in employability assessment. She has been praised for valuable insights in her consultations that have saved her clients time and expense. She supports her findings with solid research, a solid process and keen understanding of the key issues. This is based on over twenty years of real world experience as a manager and consultant with a Fortune 100 company, executive recruiter, vocational evaluator and career consultant.

When do divorce & family law attorneys consult an employability expert?

Questions may arise about a spouse’s earning capacity and level of employability. Earning capacity is used to determine appropriate maintenance (duration and amount) and each party’s contribution to child support. A vocational expert’s objective evaluation answers these questions. This helps both parties and the judge make a well-supported decision. Consider an employability expert’s evaluation when a party: Too often employability becomes an unexpected stumbling block before settlement. Consult a vocational expert early in the process before this happens. Your expert can advise you about getting documents or information that may be overlooked. This information strengthens the potential evaluation and saves the expert’s time and fees. Employability evaluations occur during a divorce or after. This can be a petition to change the amount of maintenance or child support or child relocation based on lack of employment and earnings opportunity.

When do employment attorneys consult Ms. Wexler?

During employment litigation, both plaintiff and defendant need to determine loss in earnings and benefits and the impact of the job loss on future employability and earnings. Ms. Wexler evaluates these factors and is often asked to assess the plaintiff’s job search efforts to obtain comparable employment and/or efforts to mitigate damages. She provides evaluation services to both defendants and plaintiffs.

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