“​We received the Judge’s decision and won the case. He did not allow the children to relocate with their mother thus insuring that they will continue to have a meaningful relationship with their dad.

The judge noted in his decision that he found your testimony to be credible and found that the wife’s earning capacity was as you testified. Your professional assistance in preparing me for this aspect of this complicated trial coupled with your expert presentation and testimony was invaluable.

I look forward to working with you again and will be sure to share the good news about your expertise with my colleagues in the family bar here in Connecticut.

New York City Family Law Attorney

“I am so i​mpressed by Ms. Wexler’s skill and professionalism that I have recommended her to other lawyers. I have had occasion to discuss her expertise with other practitioners and know that she is held in high regard by those lawyers for whom she has provided assistance.”

New York City Family Law Attorney

“Ms. Wexler paid extraordinary attention to detail and thoroughly researched the complex employment issues in our matter. Her report was clear and concise, and most importantly, was stated in an unbiased way which added to its credibility.”

New Jersey Employment Litigator

“Rona Wexler is a consummate professional and a delight to work with. With her mastery of facts, diligent preparation, and an outstanding presence on the witness stand, I wholeheartedly recommend Rona as an expert in the area of employment evaluations.”

National litigator, New York and Michigan

“In preparing for presentation of our case, Ms. Wexler provided us with fully researched data and a well crafted report. I was so impressed that Ms Wexler, in her role as an Expert, provided me with a very helpful analysis of the pros and cons of our case.

​Most impressive, perhaps, was that fact that Ms. Wexler made the subject crystal clear. After the trial, the Judge commented to me how impressed he had been with Ms. Wexler’s presentation at the trial of the matter.”

Family Law Litigator, New York City

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